Topic outline

  • Historically

    UTEC was established in 2009 by a very dynamic group of clinicians from Liverpool and funded by NSW Health.

    This group was led by Amanda Hawkins, Richard Cracknell, Andrew Haig, and Stuart Watkins.

    There was a much broader group involved over the launching process, see UTEC Report below.

    Due to funding and logistic issues the UTEC went to ground for a hiatus.

    The ECI held a strong interest in reinvigorating the UTEC course and principles and the Catalyst of the newly established EMUGs set the ball rolling.

    There has been so many people involved in the UTEC 2016 which has not only served to make this a great resource but also there is a great deal of ownership across a number of places. We acknowledge these fine clinicians on the acknowledgements page and please take the time to view.

    ECI has worked with its partners in this project:

    EMUGs Chris Partyka, Brian O'Connell, Scott Flanagan (primaries)

    The SAN Justin Bowra (and his band of US fellows)

    HETI Jon Hayman

    ECI Lee Blair

    US Village Adrian Goudie, James Rippey, Greg Sweetman

    US guru Kylie Baker

    Author: John Mackenzie


  • What is UTEC 2016

    The new UTEC online learning tools presented here are a tool for use by Institutions to credential their clinicians in bedside Ultrasound.

    Each Institution can use these modules as part of there training and credentialing process.

    We see the credentialing process to be in general 4 parts.

    1. Certificated completion of each component.
    2. An accredited face to face course for that component.
    3. A proctored set of scans.
    4. Supervisor sign off. (e.g. FACEM CCPU)

    For more details go to the ECI US page here.

    Its full of everything any supervisor needs to set up and run courses and establish an US program in your ED.

    The learning Modules meet required standards of training for ACEM.

    As a supervisor at any institution whatever the size or level we can set you up as supervisor with a key which allows you to follow only your students of US and manage their online training. Please contact John Mackenzie at ECI for more details. John.Mackenzie@Health.NSW.GOV.AU .

    To use an individual create an account and use the key  UTEC